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Marie José Courvalin20 March 2015
Bonjour Konstantin,
I am back to France and would like to thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality. Partly thanks to the kindness of the people we met there, this trip to Russia will remain one of my best memories.
Would you be so kind as to send me TatianaТs address, so I could thank her as well?
Please donТt forget that you are welcome to stay at my place whenever you want to discover the region of Annecy.
I wish you all the best for the future.
Kind regards,
June Burrough9 January 2015
Firstly: You were brilliant. Enthusiastic and passionate about your place and so knowledgeable about all the questions that I asked. Obviously a real good business that makes a huge difference to local craft businesses, restaurants, and the community feeling proud of their place and what it offers to those of us lucky enough to visit you! Not to mention the adhoc excitement of landing in a snow drift and giving a bit of unplanned business to the local towing company!!!
I will have been away for just over six weeks when I get home on January 14th and Ekaterinburg will be a real highlight of my trip. I have found most of the trip testing and very challenging at times and it left me with a real apathy, and a sense of despond a lot of the time, which makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning! But for the two days I spent under your professional guiding and your fascinating take on the world that Russia is now living in, the apathy and despond almost left me - for that time just being a vague background noise. Thank you for that short reprieve - your care and attention and your personality and attitude was much to do with it.
As for the proper feedback form!
The hotel was good. Loved the unexpected lunch box, the room was spotless and the hospitality good. There was no coffee one morning, but everything was friendly and caring
The city tour familiarising was brilliant, and that you added in getting a ticket for the ballet was kind and thoughtful (like getting the plastic bag for my boots!). I have not had such a tour here in Harbin and am the lesser able for that absence! The map is brilliant even though I did not have time to use it much. It is the first time that I felt another day in a place would have been good and well occupied!
The Day trip was great in ALL respects! I loved that you still got me into that old church even though we were up against time!

You were just great as both guide and driver and historian.
The ballet was so worth going to!

So a BIG thank you.
Warmest wishes to you and your wife for a happy new year and a really successful 2015 for the business. You really deserve it!
Roslyn and John Hayes (Australia)5 May 2014
Hello Konstantin, Finally we get to our promise to write to you about the day we spent with you. We loved every bit of it. Firstly, your approach to clients is highly professional. We appreciated the fact that you did what you said you would do, and with efficiency, punctuality, enthusiasm and warmth. You are clearly very knowledgeable about relevant Russian history and you made the entire day very interesting and enjoyable. We greatly enjoyed the variety in the day you prepared for us and have re-lived the photos we took. Thank you for introducing us to the folk at the Nevyansk icon factory and, of course, Stephan and Olga over delicious lunch. Yekaterinburg is a great city, and the day was the absolute high point of our Russian trip. Thank you for helping prepare us so well to get around in your city, and for helping us sort out our accommodation. It all worked well. we wish you continued success in your business - we have no doubt you have a good formula. Please feel free to use these comments on your website. We are copying this to our son. Yours sincerely, Roslyn and John Hayes (Australia)
Josefine and Peter23 August 2013
Incredible service - our homestay was cancelled because of a waterleak in the intended familyhouse, and instead we slept at a centrally located hostel. Since the hostel didn't serve breakfast, and we were promised breakfast when booking, Nick from the guide centre followed us to a local cafe and paid for our breakfast both mornings. Besides that, Konstantin (the owner of the company and our tour guide) had an impressive knowledge of everything both historical and present time political, which he gladly shared with us. The best of recomendations to you from Denmark!
Andrew and Alison McGuiggan 14 May 2013
Shortly after Konstantin picked us up from the train station, we realised we were in good hands. He is an experienced tour guide who knows how to provide excellent service. We enjoyed the evening's entertainment that Konstatin arranged for us and both choices of restaurant were excellent. Also many thanks to Olga who gave us a wonderful tour of Yekaterinburg and surroundings.
Gary & Trish14 February 2013
We had a very informative tour with Konstantino who had a fantastic knowledge of local and international history and politics. Not only did we discuss and learn about the last of the Romanov's, and visited the fascinating ganina yama, but discussed Russian cultural and political history in general. Highly recommended if visiting ekateringburg
Samanthia and James Wild6 January 2013
We had the best time in our six months of travel due to Konstantin with his fantastic attitude and his expertice of what a tourist needs to know and wants to do. Thank you Konstantin and your father for making our experience something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Keep up the great work, the world needs more people like you and your dad.Live,laugh and love lots !!!
Thomas Marthaler23 October 2012
In September 2012 I had the opportunity to visit Ekaterinburg and to hike in the Ural with Konstantin Brylyakov of the Ekaterinburg Gude Center. He made this visit unforgetable. Not only his knowledge and kindness but as well hie civilism impressed me. During our hike in the Ural forrests he carried two bis bags of waste out of the forrest. Thanks, Konstantin, for this lesson. It has inspired me to do the same in the future.
Keegan Hall-Browne7 September 2012
We did the Euro-Asia tour and the Romanov monastry tour in one day. We could not have asked for a better experience. Our guide was very professional, enthusiastic and very informative. These definitely inspired us both and made our visit to Ykaterinburg worthwhile and complete. I would highly recommend this company and would even suggest that no visit to Ykaterinburg would be complete without their involvement.
Michel Savard5 September 2012
I did the transsiberian and I was in Ekaterinburg in July 2012. Everything was perfect !! I really appreciated the quality of the guides and they are really devoted to the travelers to be sure they will enjoy the city (and surrond) and the hospitality was very impressive !! There was few change in the itinerary (switch the days) and for the accommodation (I had an appartement instead of a hotel) but everything was really nice and probably better !! I had Konstantin and Maria as guide and I really appreciated them. I think honestly they was the best guide I had during my trip !! (From St-Petersbourg to Beijing in China)
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