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Hello! My name is Julia. I finished school, then university as a historian. And then I wrote a huge article about the first International Youth Camp. Sverdlovsk then only opened for foreigners. Since then, I has written articles, led a television program, and for 10 years worked on the radio as a presenter and journalist. The interview is my favorite genre ... Now I work more as a storyteller.) ... So I edited Internet portals, including the largest urban one (E1), and wrote articles again covering social, cultural and historical topics. But for several years now I’ve been back to basics with pleasure - initially I’m a historian! - and work as a guide. I adore my work, and tourists, in turn, open up a whole world to me. We are friends with many of them and continue to communicate. Well, sometimes I still write.


Good afternoon! My name is Vladimir. Yekaterinburg is my hometown, and I remember it in different times of history from the late Soviet Union through drastic changes of the 1990-s to economic growth and cultural diversity in the new century. 

I will be happy to show you the most spectacular and interesting sites of Yekaterinburg in a way they capture the main landmark events, historical figures and main trends which affected the lives of the citizens. Learning local history as well as learning from my personal experience gives further understanding of the recent developments and how efforts of the local people have made Yekaterinburg one of the most significant cities in the new Russia.

Hello there! My name is Dimitri. I was born in this city and I live whole my life in this city except one year I studied in EU, in Hungary. I decided to return to Yekaterinburg, because for me it's the best city in Russia. I'm a historian and it will be a pleasure for me to tell you how small city-plant became one of the most important industrial and modern cities in country and have sustainably developed during almost 300 years despite of wars, revolutions and crises. Apart of historical heritage Ekaterinburg as a modern ccity has an intensive cultural life - a lot of exhibitions, museums, theatres, concerts, etc. All these things and many others are waiting for you in the city between Europe and Asia.

During past 5 years I have travelled a lot. What have I understood during my travels? That it is extremely important  to find a professional and enthusiastic guide, capable to show you unique and the most exiting sides of the city. And I'm trying to be that guide for all my quests. Waiting for you in Yekaterinburg!

Hello, our dear guests!
My name is Maria and I would like to become your guide in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovskaya Oblast. Having worked with Yekaterinburg Guide Center for more than 1 high season I`m more than happy to meet new people and to be your guide into our culture. Ordering an excursion with me you get 100% of friendliness, compassion and my everlasting desire to help and assist you in every way possible so that your visit to Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovskaya Oblast would become an unforgettable bright adventure and a memory full of light and happiness.
See you soon!
Sincerely yours,