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Lonely Planet “Trans-Siberian Railway” guidebook says:
“Crossing the Urals schedule a stop in Ekaterinburg, a bustling historic city stocked with interesting museums and sites connected to the murder of the last tsar and his family… As the economic and cultural capital of the Urals region, the city offers visitors more than a dramatic history. The Urals’ mineral wealth is on display in the city’s many museums, while the ongoing economic boom is evident in the crowded cafes and clubs around the centre. Ekaterinburg also has the accommodation options and facilities to serve as a convenient base for adventure activities and winter sports in the Urals.”

«Ekaterinburg GUIDE CENTER» is an incoming tour operator and excursion bureau, with more than 25 years experience in the travel business.

We make arrangements for Trans-Siberian railway travellers in Ekaterinburg, in The Urals and in Western Siberia. We have the best crew of guides in the city and we can offer the great variety of excursions, sightseeing tours and adventure trips.

We design our trips depending on a client’s interest, budget and travel style.

From student groups on a limited budget to First Class special-interest programs, we emphasize personalized approach in all of our tours.

Among our customers you can meet not only official visitors, convention delegates and businessmen, but thousands of tourists: budget travellers and backpackers.

You can get the information about our company in some of the world known guidebooks:

  • “Trekking in Russia and Central Asia” by Frith Maier (1994)
  • "Russia, Ukraine, Belarus" of "Lonely Planet" (1996)
  • "Russia, Ukraine, Belarus" of "Lonely Planet" (2000)
  • “Trans-Sib by Bryn Thomas” (2005-2016)
  • "Trans-Siberian Handbook" of “Lonely Planet” (2002-2017)

Our company was the General Travel Agent in Russia of popular European TV project “Peking Express”. The show was successfully broadcasted in Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain.

In 2016-2017 our company organized excursions for "FIFA media tours" as part of the Ekaterinburg bid to host the World Cup-2018. During the World Cup-2018 we organised excursions & tours for many fans and visitors from Sweden, France, Mexico, Uruguay, Egypt, Japan and Peru

We’ll do our best for you and your customers!

So, welcome to RUSSIA, welcome to Ekaterinburg, the city on the borderline between Europe and Asia, that looks like Russia itself, civilization between The East and The West.

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