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Annabel Swatman5 December 2018
Thank you all so much for an amazing time! You really demonstrate passion for your city which is lovely. You made my stay in Ekaterinburg very memorable. You were been the most caring and enthusiastic guides I have met on my trip! All the best - I will be sure to recommend you and your city. Annabe
Mrs. Janetfulwood15 November 2018
Thank you for an awesome countryside tour, Dimitry was terrific!
The Bombardo family7 February 2018
The Bombardo family7 February 2018
Mr. Kelly5 November 2017
sue tilson23 January 2017
Brilliant company, all guides were punctual and very informative. Konstantin organised dog sledging, on which he accompanied us, The day was unforgettable, one of the highlights of our trans siberian tour. Would thoroughly recommend this company. Thank you so much for everything.
Angie23 September 2016
Hi, We were in Ekaterinburg as the first stop after Moscow on our Trans-Mongolian rail journey - we had two tours in Ekaterinburg and they were both excellent.
We started with an all-day tour of the city and Romanov sites with Dmitry which included lunch at Boris Yeltsin\'s favourite restaurant (its name eacapes me!) - our favourite cafe in our Russian holiday. Didn\'t know too much about the Romanovs before so very interesting.
Our second day was out in the country with Konstantin, very different but we enjoyed being out of town. Missed out on a raft trip because there wasn\'t enough water in the river but a great walk and a lovely picnic lunch and lots of information.
And, not strictly to do with the guides but, if you get an option to stay at the Chekhov Hotel it was excellent as well.
Darian9 September 2016
Konstantin picked us up from the train station in September 2016 as part of our Russia wanderings, having also travelled from St Petersburg to Moscow by boat and now on our way to Vladivostok on the transsiberian. Konstantin was very efficient getting us into our Chekov Boutique Hotel which is very well located, comfortable, cosy and with very friendly helpful staff. Next morning we did a city walking tour with a great guide Eirina who explained the city\'s history, culture and buildings extremely well, finishing with a visit to the Church on Spilled Blood where the last Tsar and Romanov family were murdered. We also enjoyed asking lots of questions which were well understood and answered, a somewhat new experience so well done! Yekaterinburg has been a continuousness of Russian pleasant surprises as we entered into Siberia. The package of map and other very helpful information made our stay in Yekaterinburg one that we will remember fondly. Thank YOU!
Bev Nairn - New Zealand23 August 2016
Ekaterinburg was one of the highlights of our 20 days in Russia. Konstantin and Demetri were both very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient at showing us the city; and their recommendations of cafes and museums were good. The Chekhov hotel (small boutique style) is a real gem - our favourite. Well done !
David and Ruth16 May 2016
The best of Ekaterinburg 3 hour Tour - 3 May 2016
Konstantin is a very knowledgeable and interesting guide. We had a good overview of the city and Konstantin was able to answer all our questions. We heartily recommend this tour.
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  • Annabel Swatman 5 December 2018
  • Mrs. Janetfulwood 15 November 2018
  • The Bombardo family 7 February 2018
  • The Bombardo family 7 February 2018
  • Mr. Kelly 5 November 2017
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