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Damian Green16 August 2012
Greetings from Hong Kong! We wer fortunate enough to go on an excursion with Konstantin, a man with extensive knowledge in the history of Russia. Konstantin showed us around the sights of Ekaterinburg, especially the sites made famous by the Romanov's tragic tale. Konstantin told us about an ongoing attempt to get the burial sites recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church; he also mentioned that there was a website and Facebook page, on which we can sign a petition to offer our support. Please could you send me the address of the website/Facebook page? It would be much appreciated. Thank you. Regards Damian
Peter Jenneskens19 March 2012
Dear EGC, Thank you very much for your arrangements during my stay 14/3 till 17/3. Very professional, very pleasant. Maria who met me at the airport, Sergei the driver, the apartment, really good. Peter Jenneskens
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